About Us

Our roots, the known starting point of our family story; based on Old Datca merchant Osman Ali Ağa -Tuncel Efe’s great-grandfather by his mother’s side- and Muhammed Ağa, who immigrated from Macedonia-Monastir by his father.

Şükrü Efendi is one of the four children of Osman Ali Ağa, has a daughter and three sons. His Eldest child Nergiz Hanım, is the mother of Tuncel Efe. Tuncel Efe’s father, Hasan Tahsin Efendi, is the son of Mustafa Efendi with 2 sisters, and grandson of Macedonia immigrant Muhammed Ağa.

On March 20, 1936, he came to the world as the second child of the Unal family. Tuncel Efe has a sister and a brother. After primary school, He graduates from the Department of Lathe Education of Mugla School of Arts. In the Datça District, respectively he deals with cinematography, soft drinks and beer dealerships and finally, the House Pensioning. He also owns training certificate in this branch…

On September 04, 1964, He marries with Şengül Hanım – partridge nicknamed Ahmet Işık’s youngest daughter.Our mother, who embellished the ambition to read with the diplomas of knitting and knitting courses, gave two children -a daughter and a son- to Tuncel Efe.